Di antara banyak platform pencari kerja, Linkedin menjadi pilihan untuk menemukan lowongan pekerjaan. Fitur dalam LinkedIn juga sering digunakan oleh banyak orang sebagai sosial media professional dan untuk mempermudah pencari kerja agar mendapatkan posisi yang relevan sesuai dengan kualifikasi dan keahlian, serta lokasi kerja. Ingin cepat mendapat kerja di Linkedin? Yuk simak 5 Tips Dapat […]

7 Tips to Become a Successful Software Developer for Beginners !

             These days, you are certainly familiar with the word software. Especially if your work is related to computers. You can use the software for your various needs, such as to create designs, play games, find tips & tricks information. Software is usually developed by a developer to make it easier for users to use […]

Top 5 Skills Java Developer Should Learn in 2021

As a programmer, your biggest challenge is to keep yourself up-to-date. Technology always changes very fast. Then you will see a new version of your favorite programming language and framework coming to every year. Here are Top 5 Skills Java Developer Should Learn in 2021 For Java developers, the last, couple of years has brought […]

TOP 10 DevOps Tools! You Should Try!

What is DevOps? DevOps stands for Development and Operation, where both words mean “developer operations”. So DevOps is a developer principle to coordinate between teams. Here are the TOP 10 DevOps Tools you should know ! Traditionally, the software development life cycle was a long process and was done phase by phase. However, this approach […]

4 Must Have Skills to Become a Scrum Master !

4 Must Have Skills to Become a Scrum Master ! Do you want to have a career in IT? One of the professions that you can choose in this field is as a scrum master. Basically, in project management there is a work method of completing a project called scrum. Scrum is a framework that […]

Software Developer vs Software Engineer

Software Developer and Software Engineer What is the difference between software developers and software engineers? Based on the Computer Science Degree Hub, software developers and software engineers have different tasks. Software Engineering refers to the machine principles when creating software. For example, from life-cycle development to connecting with client needs by utilizing applicable technology; develop […]


SKILL BACKEND DEVELOPER Building a website is not only about an attractive appearance, but you also need to ensure that the exchange of website data that occurs between the browser and server can run smoothly. In other words, you also have to pay attention to the server and the database, so that your website can […]

IT skills needed in 2021

IT skills needed in 2021 One that is tireless to always change and develop is the field of technology. It’s no wonder that skills in this field known as IT skills have a bright future. In 2021 these IT skills will be sought after by various companies or other businesses who want to survive. What […]

Fresh Graduates Skills Every Fresh Graduates Should Have!

  Are you a fresh graduate? There are soft skills fresh graduates should have to had! What are soft skills? Soft skills are abilities that a person has in interacting and how he improves individual abilities. These soft skills are very important for everyone, including friends who have just graduated from college and are looking […]

Tips & Tricks Coding Interview !

         5 Tips & Tricks Coding Interview ! Currently Programmer is one of the jobs that is in demand by many people. In addition to the vast job opportunities needed by many companies, programmer is also one of the most highly paid jobs. Usually before being accepted to work in a company, candidates will do […]