Fiverr, Platform for Freelancers to Earn Money

  Freelance Platform to earn money is Fiverr! Maybe some of you are unfamiliar with Fiverr, Fiverr is a platform that helps freelancers to make money. Through Fiveer, every freelancer is freed from offering the services they offer to customers around the world. On the Fiverr platform, there are lots of freelance services, ranging from […]

Tips & Tricks Coding Interview !

         5 Tips & Tricks Coding Interview ! Currently Programmer is one of the jobs that is in demand by many people. In addition to the vast job opportunities needed by many companies, programmer is also one of the most highly paid jobs. Usually before being accepted to work in a company, candidates will do […]

Technology Trends in 2021 that you MUST know!

  You Should Know! Here are technology trends in 2021 ! Entering 2021 is something to be grateful for because you can pass 2020, an unusual year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Where we are all “forced” and inevitably have to adapt to the “New Normal” era, where almost all activities outside the home are […]

IDstar Is The Right Solution For Your Business

With the entry of the Covid-19 pandemic into Indonesia, many companies up to the public have experienced a new problem. Hundreds or even thousands of workers in Indonesia have been forced to terminate, even though there are many people who have very high potential at work. One of them is the workforce in the IT […]

MySQL is the most favorite database in 2020?

MySQL is the most favorite database in 2020? Before entering 2021, let’s discuss the database that is our favorite in 2020! Well, for those of you who don’t know, a Database is a collection of information stored on the computer in a systematic manner so that it can be checked using a computer program to […]

This Is The Reason Why Your Business Needs a Website!

According to Forbes, A business’s online presence, regardless of industry, can have a massive impact on its success. In this day and age, some businesses still don’t realize that a majority of their customers will visit their website before making a purchase. Such as IDStar, has a website for their presence and identity.  This Is […]

The right technology will increase the company’s productivity

The right technology will increase company’s productivity. Along with the development of the times, making technology, of course, is also growing. This makes humans inevitably have to continue to adapt to technological developments. Until in the end, the role of technology is needed in everyday life and even in company operations.   In fact, in […]

Without them, technology wouldn’t be like now!

  Without them, technology wouldn’t be like now! Who here claims to be a programmer? Or the IT Boy? SI? Well whatever but the like! You know what, if the Programmer world has its own hero! Batman? No. Superman? Wonder Woman? Not!! Iron Man? Not really!   Behind the rapid development of technology, there are […]

Become a successful programmer like nam-do-san

Currently, Han Ji-Pyeong’s team and Nam Do-San are busy in the Korean drama Start-Up, which team are you? Eits! Whether the Han Ji-Pyeong team or the Nam Do-San team, both of them give us valuable life lessons! Han Ji-Pyeong with his harsh criticism that can make him a successful young man, and Nam Do-San who […]

Moving Towards Society 5.0

Moving Towards Society 5.0 Are you ready to enter the era of Society 5.0 ??? With the roadmap known as the super-smart society or Society 5.0, the IDstar Group has taken a role in contributing to the development of society 5.0. This is in accordance with the objectives of Society 5.0, namely synergizing humans & […]