IT skills needed in 2021

One that is tireless to always change and develop is the field of technology. It’s no wonder that skills in this field known as IT skills have a bright future. In 2021 these IT skills will be sought after by various companies or other businesses who want to survive. What IT needed in 2021? Check out the article below.

Skill this is very much related to the world of IT. The following are various kinds of IT skills that you can develop in 2021.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

Along with the times, IoT devices are increasingly being used. Many various other sectors are using IoT to make their work systems easier with the help of technology work.

Dengan demikian, demand profesi di bidang spesialis IoT sangat tinggi saat ini. Tugas mereka adalah merancang solusi dan jaringan IoT, mengidentifikasi komponen yang diperlukan, memahami manajemen data, dan menganalisis risiko keamanan.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI adalah teknologi dengan pertumbuhan tercepat yang akan menciptakan 133 juta pekerjaan baru di tahun 2025 mendatang. Demikianlah menurut World Economic Forum. AI mengacu pada program-program yang mampu menjalankan tugasnya seperti pengenalan gambar dan ucapan, klasifikasi gambar, bahkan pengenalan wajah. Keakuratannya pun dapat dipercaya.

Machine Learning (ML)

Machine Learningmerupakan salah satu cabang dari AI (Artificial Intelligence). ML berguna untuk data mining dalam rangka memberikan wawasan dan menjalankan tugas berbasis aturan dengan lebih efisien.

Cyber Security

Today the company has a high dependence on technology. Therefore, it is very crucial for companies to keep the network safe and avoid cyber attacks.

Quoting from the 2018 global IT skills and salary study by global knowledge, IT professionals who are security certified will have a salary of approximately 15% more than those who are not certified. You can choose to get this certification to increase the quality and quantity of your skills.


Data Science / Analytics

Every field of business is always run based on interpreted data. Every decision in business refers to a piece of data. Therefore, it is not surprising that this profession has a high enough demand, especially in 2021.

To become a competent data observer, you need to master basic skills in data analysis. You need to deepen knowledge regarding how data is collected, stored, organized, then analyzed and interpreted in various fields including industry and or business.

Cloud Computing

Entering the era of digitalization has forced almost all sectors, especially industry and / or business, to drag the cloud as a service that is increasingly being used. Cloud computing demands the ability to design, plan, manage, maintain, and support the use of cloud computing itself.

Skillwith high demand in this section are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, GCP, Devops, Linux, and the like. They will get a higher salary if they have AWS certification.

Now that is about IT skills that have good prospects in 2021. These skills will also be very useful in the years to come where technological developments are believed to be growing and developing. Are you ready to be a great programmer? IDStar have a great opportunity for you. FInd our opening job here