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Integrated SaaS & Device Management

Elevate your business efficiency with our cutting-edge SaaS & Device Management platform. This all-in-one cloud-based solution simplifies complex processes, from initial provisioning to final offboarding, ensuring a seamless IT experience.

Join the IT efficiency revolution and empower your team with the tools they need to succeed.

Why Do You Need Integrated SaaS & Device Management?

1. Centralized Management

1. Centralized Management

Seamlessly integrate your team’s data with their respective SaaS licenses and device inventory. This approach offers you a real-time overview and command over your software and hardware assets, ensuring an efficient, centralized management system.

Real-Time Overview and Control​

Optimize Asset Utilization and Cost Savings

Manage & Monitor All Asset in One Platform

2. Improve Efficiency

Streamline employee onboarding with automated workflow processes. Quickly allocate multiple applications simultaneously, set up scheduled provisions, and revoke access effortlessly with just one click. This system boosts efficiency and simplifies app management.

2. Improve Efficiency

improved efficiency idstar josys

Streamline Employee Onboarding

Quick Allocation of Multiple Applications

Revoke Access with One Click

3. Security & Compliance

Security manage

3. Security & Compliance

Elevate your security posture by assigning role-specific permissions, uncovering hidden IT risks, and detecting access anomalies through a unified dashboard. This approach ensures rigorous compliance and robust security management.

Assigning Role-Specific Permissions

Uncover Hidden IT Risks

Detect Access Anomalies

4. Reduce Cost

Curtail unnecessary license costs by tracking and managing license utilization, identifying devices due for upgrades, and more. This strategy is pivotal in preventing license overspending and optimizing your IT budget.

4. Reduce Cost

Reducing cost by manage apps

Curtail Unnecessary and Overlapping SaaS

Track and Manage License Utilization

Identify Devices Due for Upgrades

Transform Your IT Operations with SaaS & Device Management

1. Effortless Onboarding Process

Say goodbye to tedious setup processes. With our platform, equip your team with new PCs and a suite of essential SaaS accounts—all with a single click. When employees exit the company, Josys simplifies deprovisioning revoking user access to applications with just one click.

2. Automated PC Configuration

We take care of the heavy lifting. Our system custom-configures PCs behind the scenes, ensuring your employees receive devices that are ready to use, tailored to their specific needs.

3. Comprehensive SaaS & Device Management

Keep a vigilant eye on your IT assets. Our platform securely stores all IT device and SaaS application usage data in the cloud. This visibility empowers you to make smart budgetary decisions and optimize resource allocation.

4. Identify Underused IT Assets

Discover untapped potential. Our intuitive dashboard highlights underutilized SaaS applications, paving the way for cost savings and bolstered security. Make informed decisions about your IT investments.

Every Industry Can Benefit From SaaS & Device Management Tools


Startups, especially in the fintech sector, can leverage SaaS management to efficiently scale their operations, manage costs, and maintain agility as they grow.

Software Development Firms

Software development firms, can use SaaS management platforms to streamline their development processes and manage collaboration tools effectively.

Retailers and E-commerce Businesses

Retailers and e-commerce businesses often use SaaS tools for inventory management, CRM and online sales platforms. SaaS management helps in optimizing these tools for efficiency.

Financial Institutions

Banks, financial services firms, and insurance companies can use SaaS management platforms to ensure security, compliance, and efficient operations in a highly regulated industry.

Mid-sized Businesses

Mid-sized businesses with a growing number of SaaS subscriptions can use management platforms to control costs, ensure compliance, and streamline operations.

Enterprise Organizations

Large enterprises with a complex IT infrastructure and a multitude of SaaS applications can benefit from the centralized control and optimization features offered by SaaS management platforms.

Our Platform has Integrated with Over 200 Apps

With seamless integrations to a wide range of SaaS applications, you can easily manage every app in your IT environment

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We pride ourselves on forging strong partnerships that enhance our SaaS & Device Management platforms. Collaborating with leading industry players, we bring together the best of technology and expertise to deliver innovative, efficient solutions tailored to your needs.

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