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Software Development Services

Our Software Development Services provide the quality IT talents and technology you need to succeed and stay ahead.

Our team of experts will work with you to drive transformation and growth.

From modernizing your infrastructure to streamlining your operations, we will help you achieve success in an ever-evolving business landscape. Trust us to be your partner in transformation.

IDstar, IT Software Solution Indonesia

“Our team is composed of expert developers who are not only skilled and certified but also dedicated to designing, developing, maintaining, and supporting premium applications for a diverse clientele”

1000+ Project Delivered

500+ Tech Talent

30+ Customer Enterprises

5+ Company Overseas

We are trusted by leading company

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Our Services

Dedicated Development Team

Whether you are looking for software engineers/software developers, UI/UX designers, project and product managers, or QA specialists in one pack, our dedicated team is a perfect fit for the development of complex solutions in a rapidly changing environment. You delegate the recruitment process to us and benefit from full management control.

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Global Development Center

Whether you are looking to move your software projects to Global Development Centers, so your in-house IT team can focus entirely on their core business activities or to save project expenses. We provide highly skilled tech talents overseas who dedicatedly work on your software development projects.

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Testing as a Service

Software testing is a crucial component of ensuring that releases are functional, meet the quality and performance demands of customers. Our TaaS include automated regression testing.

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B2B Partnership Outsource

Why Your Company Need to Implement Software Solution

A significant proportion of the world's top 500 companies utilize offshore software development teams to enhance their operational capacities and manage costs effectively. This strategy is common among businesses looking to maintain a competitive edge in a global market

Companies that integrate modern software solutions tend to experience faster revenue growth due to enhanced operational efficiencies. This correlation is explored in studies that show how digital tools contribute to higher productivity across various industries

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Why Choise IDstar for
Software Development Project?

Along with the quick hiring and onboarding to your team and deep knowledge of software development from Banking, Financial Services, Telecommunications and other industries, we have accumulated vast domain experience in digital transformation. We develop web, mobile, desktop and cloud applications as well as delivering high-quality projects.


Our IT talents are identified through a rigorous and thorough hiring process that assesses their skills, qualifications, work history, and cultural fit, helping you find the best fit for your project.

On-time Onboarding

We understand onboarding of tech talents to your team to speed up project progress is crucial.  Our recruitment team has and keeps improving the recruitment process to ensure our IT talents onboard to fill the skill and resource gaps you need on-time.

Flexibility & Scalability

Our Software Development Services provide flexibility and scalability, allowing you to quickly respond to changing business requirements and capitalize on new opportunities as you can access our wealth of expertise and technology resources.

Cost Saving

Looking for IT talents to fill your team takes a lot of time, money and high risk. Our services with years of experience, can select the right competent IT talents providing your company access to economies of scale.

SDLC Methodology at IDstar


SDLC Waterfall

Structured Approach

The waterfall methodology follows a linear and sequential design, making it easier to understand and manage.

Clear Documentation

Extensive documentation at each stage ensures that all requirements, design, and progress are well documented, which is beneficial for future reference and maintenance.

Defined Stages

Each phase of the project has distinct objectives and deliverables, providing a clear framework and milestones for the project

Early Detection of Issues

Problems and issues can be identified in the early stages of the project, reducing the risk of significant changes or issues later in the development process.

Predictable Timelines

Since each phase has to be completed before the next one begins, it is easier to estimate timelines and manage project schedules.

Ease to Management

The linear nature of the waterfall model makes it easy to manage and control the project, with clear dependencies and task assignments

SDLC Agile

Customer-Centric Approach

Deliver software well-tailored to an ever-growing understanding of customer demands.

Rapid Deployment

Software is deployed more quickly and improved more regularly

Code Quality

Better code hygiene including style, readability, and structuring.


Flexible and adaptable process enables pivots or changes mid-project.

Continuous Improvement

Makes room to act on organizational learning as the project progresses.

Stakeholder Engagement

Transparency and continuous communication with involved stakeholders.

Our Professional Services

Our company also specializes in providing top-tier IT consulting services, catering to a diverse range of needs in the technology domain. We pride ourselves on our team of highly skilled professionals, who are dedicated to delivering innovative and solutions. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on client satisfaction, we are your go-to partner for all your IT consulting needs.

Our Core Value Team

High Skill Man Power

Our IT Talent has gone through several recruitment process one of which is through a technical test & their skill will grow with our training

Reliable IT Talents

Our IT Talents certainly have expertise in their respective fields and can be relied on for their credibility.


IDstar has a hiring policy where our talent can be transferred to our client with an applicable terms & conditions.

Future Leaders

IDstar ensure that our IT Talents are build to be a leader that able to lead and create the future 

Global Development Center IDstar

Soft Skill IT Talent


Adept at quickly adapting to industry shifts and client needs, ensuring your projects evolve smoothly. Choose us for flexibility and responsiveness that match the pace of your business


Our professionals are not only technically skilled but also excel in clearly expressing complex ideas and collaborating across teams to ensure transparency and align with your goals.


We transform challenges into growth opportunities, offering fresh perspectives that differentiate your strategies in the marketplace

Cricital Thinking

Our approach emphasizes critical thinking, ensuring our team delivers not only quick but also sound and sustainable solutions to every challenge

Growth Mindset

Partner with a team driven by a growth mindset, always learning and pushing the boundaries to keep your projects innovative and achieve outstanding results


Our team thrives on perseverance, tackling the toughest challenges with resilience and a commitment to delivering results, no matter the obstacles.


Boost your projects with our seasoned leaders who drive every team towards efficiently achieving your goals with strong direction and motivation

Problem Solving

Our team excels at delivering innovative solutions to every challenge, ensuring your business stays ahead of the competition with practical, tailored strategies


Our professionals thrive in collaborative environments, ensuring that your project benefits from multiple expert perspectives, united towards your business goals

Our services can be implement to every industry

Unlock the potential of your business and drive innovation across your industry with our tailored software solutions. From streamlining operations in banking to revolutionizing patient care in healthcare, our expert developers are fully equipped to bring your vision to life. Discover how our bespoke software development services can unlock new possibilities and transform your business, ensuring you stay ahead in a competitive market

Banking & Finance

Secure, robust, and compliant software solutions that enhance transaction efficiency and customer security


Optimized routing and inventory management systems designed to reduce costs and improve delivery times

Health Care

HIPAA-compliant applications that improve patient outcomes and streamline provider workflows


Interactive and engaging educational platforms that enhance learning and administrative efficiency


E-commerce solutions that elevate shopping experiences and boost sales through personalized customer engagement


Advanced systems for enhanced connectivity and customer service, driving the next wave of telecom innovation

All technologies We use in IDstar for Your Needs


Spring Boot & Quarkus


JS & Native


Ab Initio

Node JS

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Angular JS








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Looking for IT Talents?

We work with leaders who define the future, not hide from it. Together, we achieve extraordinary outcomes.

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Looking for IT Talents?

We work with leaders who define the future, not hide from it. Together, we achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes IDStar a different IT Talent (outsourcing) provider?

We not only provide IT Talent who are talented in their field (outsourcing), but we also monitor talent development, ensure projects are well-executed, and provide training to keep skills relevant to the development.

How fast are you able to deliver IT Talents (outsourcing)?

Usually it takes up to 2-4 weeks based on the availability IT talents that we have

Where will the IT Talents work and what equipment will they use?

For most clients, our talent will work in their office, but again this is according to the client’s rules. For equipment is provided by clients including access card to client’s office and internet connection.

What kind of roles and levels does IDstar provide IT Talents?

Many kinds of IT developers, such as Software Engineer, Java Developers, ETL developers, RPA Developer, Quality Assurance and many more.

Usually our IT Talent (developers) are junior to middle level but we also provide for senior level based on client needs.

What is the minimum time needed to sign an agreement?

Most of our orders are long-term with minimum of 6 months contract

What makes IDStar a different IT Talent (outsourcing) provider?
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How long may onboarding process take?

Usually it may take up to 1-2 months prior to the purchase order (po).

Is there any chance that we can replace the talents if we are not satisfied with their performance?

Yes, you can get a replacement with terms & conditions may apply

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Jasa Pembuatan Mobile App Terbaik dan Berkualitas

Jasa Pembuatan Mobile App Terbaik dan Berkualitas

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