Back End Developer

What is Back End Developer?

Back end developer is a developer who builds and maintains the technology that powers those components which, together, enable the user-facing side of the website to even exist in the first place. They are such a crucial thing for web development process.

In today’s web-dominated era, website is such a precious asset for every businesses. Having only Front End Developer is not enough. If Front-End Development only focus on user interface, Back End Web Developer is about connecting the customer-side with server-side then make it to a system.

Without having a them in your team, your customers will not have the best experience on your website. It includes building the structure of a software application, as well as handling databases, and creating APIs. You can have a great visual webpage, but if the code doesn’t work, then the whole thing will end up being a failure.

What is Back End Developer Do?

Back End Developer are usually responsible for making constant updates, monitoring the website and organize the database information. Also they have to secure the application’s functionality while considering the website’s performance and speed.

They needs to work closely with Front End Developer in order to guarantee that the web application’s functionality is aligned with the user experience. For a simple example, when you read an article, all you see on the website is Front End Developer’s job, while the web server and database is Back End Developer job.

Therefore, there is a high demand in the industry to find outstanding developers, which can definitely make it difficult to find the right Back End Web Developer. But with IDstar, we can offer experienced Back End Developer based on your company’s need.

Here are some of the main reasons why an organization should hire a backend developer

But first, every organization need to have a clear idea of how a new team member can contribute to the established goals. Hence, companies need to understand why they want a Back End Web Developer in the team and how that will be beneficial.

Efficient Workflow

As projects increase, it is important to know how to create and maintain an efficient workflow with the team. They can develop and monitor testing in a client-server, they also can handle every browser and device to make sure they display the desired content.

Unite the Teams

Back End Developer have a good understanding of how everyone in the team can contribute to the project. They also aware of the positive impact to support daily communication with project managers, stakeholders, quality assurance teams, and other developers who are part of the project.

Set Up the Level

A proactive Back End Developer on the team are able to recommend solutions considering the pros and cons of custom development. Other alternatives can also be an excellent way to step up the team's level.

Industries that Use Back End Developers:


Healthcare applications are in high demand as organizations seek to provide clinicians with tools to give them more mobility and flexibility when treating patients. The organization’s apps need to be developed quickly so they can be tested, deployed, and implemented.

Food & Beverage

The Food and Beverage industry is highly competitive. Many F&B companies are competing to make it easy to order from their business. That is why F&B industry needs complex technologies and systems to tackle issues and give more secure both for customers and the business itself.


Our Back End Developer can develop customized software solutions that meet the requirements of your business and provide development services to upgrade the features of the existing software infrastructure for your company.


Many people are using E-commerce for their daily needs, because it’s convenient and more secure. With Back End Developer, they can build next-gen E-commerce solutions to help you effectively reach your customers and improve your business.

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