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What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Robotic Process Automation or RPA is one of the most innovative digital transformation. A field in which more and more companies are investing, since improvements in process automation generate savings of more than 20% per year, as well as ROI (Return On Investment) in this same time frame.

It is a great alternative to reduce or eliminate workloads of people in large back-office processes (repetitive processes of finance, accounting, hr, etc.) because RPA can duplicate how humans use computers, from opening applications to working on their own.

RPA Developer Help Automation In Business Process

Using Only RPA Without RPA Consultant & Developer Is Crucial. Why?

A key issue to take advantage of all this technological evolution and implement it successfully in a company is the training and adoption by users and programmers of a base with tools that allows them to effectively start digital transformation for business.

Work in which IDstar as IT Outsourcing Company has put all its effort, so that RPA Developer can integrate into the world of work and specifically in this branch with the security and skills necessary to implement process automation utilize software robots to work alongside humans to enhance business process efficiency. Value to be taken into account by large companies that are also looking for IT Outsourcing partners that align with their long-term automation strategy.

RPA Robotic Process Automation Help Automate Business Process

Benefits of RPA in Industries

Banking & Financial Services

For the leading financial institutions in the market, efficiency and effectiveness are a priority. Applying robotics to processes is a way to streamline activities such as billing or payment processing, reporting, data validation and updating, data migration between bank applications, and financial claims processing.


Today's telecommunications companies face high connectivity needs grow along with the complexity of global communication networks. At the same time, the number of administrative tasks related to billing, monitoring, data transfer, security, reporting, etc., can quickly become overwhelming. RPA, used by 80% of the leaders in the telecommunications industry, responds to this problem by providing full or partial automation with decisive results, ensuring high cost and high precision


With industrial collaborative robots, manufacturing companies have revolutionized the way activities were carried out. With these autonomous systems entering the scene, human participation has been significantly reduced. As a result, work is done faster, safer, in less time, and most importantly, with greater precision.


Customers expect a faster shopping experience with an uncompromising attitude to error, ecommerce sales increased more than 27% from 2019 to 2020. So how can a retailer tackle the challenge of competing with large corporations with rising production costs and customer expectations? Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is your answer.


The potential of automation for healthcare professionals can address concerns about patient scheduling, claims management, normative compliance and data entry. Improve patient satisfaction by making healthcare systems and processes more efficient and faster.


Automating the insurance industry enables the processing of data captured from disparate systems, eliminates human-introduced errors, generates information that is 100% compliant with guidelines, and ensures customer satisfaction.

Who is Using RPA?


Uses RPA to boost speed and efficiency to compete with fintechs


Automates back office/citizen-facing functions; federal CIO advancing automation initiative


Pursues back office and reversue cycle management uses, among others


Automates shipping and other document-based tasks


Automates shipping and other document-based tasks


Taps automation in areas from accounting to maintenance to keep costs in check


Automates repetitive taks associated with document preparation

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