ETL Developer

What is ETL Developer?

In the framework of an increasingly competitive and challenging business environment, companies have the need to find solutions and systems to generate competitive advantages from the collection, analysis and transformation of data into strategic decisions that allow them to design successful plans and properly manage the different areas and departments.

In this context is the concept of business intelligence, which refers to the optimum use of data and data-oriented business decision making. This concept is also known as advanced business analytics and encompasses the understanding of the operation of the various circuits and processes of the company – past, present and future – to form the knowledge base necessary to support the decisions and actions that are taken.

ETL stands for extract, transform, and load. In business intelligence, an ETL tool is used to extract data from data-sources, transform and optimize it for reporting and analysis, then load it into a data warehouse.
An ETL developer is a type of IT Talent that manages, designs, develops, and maintains data storage systems and ensures they contain business-relevant data. In order to facilitate operational decision – making or strategic more appropriate to achieve the objectives of the company.

Regardless of its origin, the data are subjected to three different processes with the aim of profiling and homogenizing them so that they can fulfill their function as generators of useful and effective quality information for decision-making:


Businesses store historical information or stream real-time data into many systems. In this extracting process, the data is stored from different source systems into a staging area where it can be validated to ensure that it is in the right format and not corrupted so it can be moved to a data warehouse system.


This step is about structuring and formatting data. After data is collected from its sources, it's in a raw state. When the data is gathered from its sources, it’s usually placed in a temporary storage called a Staging Area.


The final stage of an ETL process is loading the structured and formatted data into a database. If the amount of data is small, any kind of database can be used. A specific type of database used in business intelligence, big data processing, and machine learning is called a Data Warehouse.

How ETL Developer Help Business and Company?

ETL Developer is the professional responsible for both collecting data analysis and sales data, markets, consumers, etc., in order to facilitate operational decision – making or strategy more appropriate to achieve the objectives of the company.

It is a widely demanded professional profile to work as an IT Talent in intelligence production units, study services, analysis and prospects, strategic planning offices and business intelligence units of both public and private companies.

The daily task of an ETL Developer is complex and must be carried out systematically and continuously, since its work base is information, which is in a process of constant change.

The collection of information is only part of their work , since the real value to the organization is in further analysis and processing.

These Are Main Functions of ETL Developer In Business And Company

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Plan and organize the systematic obtaining of quality, useful and relevant information from the environment of the company and the competition.

Detects changes in sales, income, expenses and other important data of the company or organization.

Identify changes in consumer behavior or preferences in relation to the company for which they work and the competition.

Transform data into reports and conclusions that serve to make the best decisions for the company in different areas such as financial, strategic, operational, etc.

Detect new market opportunities and business lines based on the data extracted.

Advise management in decision-making.

Compare the strategies implemented and check if they have served to obtain the objectives or expected results.

Identify errors, weaknesses and also strong points of the company.

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