Junior Developer

What is Junior Developer?

Junior developer are entry-level developer, usually they has 0-2 years of experience. They have a basic knowledge of about IT and programming. Not just that, they also can repair bugs or errors and work with software tools.

Junior developer should have a good working knowledge of basic programming languages, the ability to learn new technology quickly, and the ability to work in a team environment. Ultimately, a top-class Junior Software Developer provides valuable support to the design team while continually improving their coding and design skills.

What does Junior Developer Do?

Junior Developer are responsible for designing and implementing computer software that meets the needs of internal and external clients. Junior Software Developer duties also include to troubleshooting, patching computer code, and collaborating with other developers to create applications.

In any industries, employees’ experience is one of the main factors used by hiring managers to pick the right candidate. Any company in every industry, sooner or later comes to a stage when it needs to hire more employee.

Many recruiters tend to focus on hiring middle to senior level developer and pay less attention to junior or even no-experience developers. Indeed, hiring middle to senior level developer has more advantages such as they can bring their years of work experience to the table. But hiring a senior developer is difficult and will cost a lot and not all companies have budget to hire senior-level developer.

Junior developer has a unique advantage for company. Hence, they represent untapped well of professional for tech companies.

Why Companies Should Hiring Junior Developer?

Finding a junior developer can be more productive for easier tasks, they also can grow from junior developer into a senior developer, and helps build a more consistent corporate culture.

They can spot new solutions to old problems

Even the best companies sometimes come to a dead end on handling certain projects. There are times when developers discover problems that seem difficult to work around, even can’t be overcome. Sometimes, it is simply because the same people have been looking at the same type of problem for too long. A junior developer can bring a new insight and can help spot solutions that may have been hiding in plain sight.

They are likely to be connected to newer trends

Though more senior developers may have more experience and many network, junior software developer tend to have excitement of what’s new in the field or what’s new for them, which is a major advantage.

They are more flexible

Junior software developer are just starting out in their careers, this can be an opportunity for them to get more experience in what they do. They usually tend to be more excited of “unlearn” things and recent exposure to the latest tech knowledge.

It’s good for the industry and for tech culture

Ultimately, when someone is just starting out as a fresh developer, they need a company to give them a chance to grow. In order to support new, talented developers, those developers need to get in-hand task.

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