Quality Assurance

What is Quality Assurance?

Quality assurance is a way of preventing mistakes and defects in manufactured products and avoiding problems when delivering products or services to customers. So, before the deployment stage, the product should be testing by Quality Assurance Engineer to check the readiness of each part of the product so when it is release, it can run well and stable.

Every companies always strives to provide the best products in order to get satisfaction from users. To ensure all products works really well before releasing to the market, every companies provides strict product quality selection. In developing any applications project that is developed by a software developer team, the applications must enter the testing phase carried out by Quality Assurance Analyst.

What is Quality Assurance Do?

A Quality Assurance is responsible for ensuring software or applications created by a company can work properly. After the software developer is finished in the manufacturing process, the Quality Assurance Analyst will try to run the software for testing it first. They basically look for any loopholes for errors.

The main purpose of usability Quality Assurance Analyst is to prevent defective products from the production planning stage to the product distribution stage to consumers to avoid rework that costs a lot of money. The process is carried out by start testing from features, functionality, visual elements, which are to prevent bugs, programs that suddenly freeze, and so on.

This will help any company to avoid a bad image because the applications that they created cannot run as expected. Every companies certainly does not want the various developed applications that are not in accordance with product requirements or even cannot provide services that meet the expectations of its users.

Why is Quality Assurance Important for Company?

Quality Assurance can provide real data to companies about what consumers really want. That way the company can identify what needs to be improved in order to maintain the quality of the company’s products.

Knowing what customers want

The first point of the reason why usability testing method Quality Assurance is important because through a Quality Assurance Analyst program it will give you the real data that customers want. You can find out the experience of disappointed customers while thinking about service improvements that can still be improved.

Have a better functioning team

With the implementation of a high quality culture, the company will be able to stimulate the thinking power of employees to contribute their ideas and provide suggestions or solutions to present the best products.

Prevent damage to company reputation

A brand that fails to keep its promise to provide excellent service will only bring disappointment from customers. The expectations of customers to get the best product from what they buy are in vain. As a result, brand credibility decreases and brand reputation will be damaged along with poor service received by customers

Maintaining compliance with ISO

The final reason for the importance of quality assurance is to maintain compliance with international organization standardization certifications through ISO. Some businesses need to have ISO standards as one of the ways they engage professionally and have a stable company. ISO 9001, for example, requires companies to manage processes for customer requirements.

Industries that Used Quality Assurance

Technology company

As we know that the development of technology has been felt by many people. So that the existence of QA engineer in quality control process becomes important for technology companies in addition to being directly integrated with brands.

An example is the case with Facebook, where the company was involved in the Facebook data scandal and data breach at Equifax. This incident tarnished the company and became a big PR for the Public Relations team to restore the company's image. Even if the company's image can be restored intact, it is because of the quality assurance in it.

Food & Beverage

The next industry that often has a quality assurance system is the food & drink sector. This business is often in the spotlight because it relates to the lives of many people.

Many customers look for sources of food and beverages that are guaranteed quality because of the need for health and hygiene that is increasingly felt by the community.

Non-profit organization

Not-for-profit sector organizations rely on the trust and goodwill of society to operate. Their services already include ideas on quality assurance and quality management to stay true to their mission. Other business sectors that have implemented quality assurance, such as the financial sector, must have quality assurance and public trust. Then there are the manufacturing, health and beauty industries as well as government agencies.

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