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In this competitive digital world, the simple, best, and most important way to make a business successful is the first impression of the business’ web page. That is why every business need to focus well on the front-end of the website. Your end-user are seeking an easy-to-use application. This can be achieved by developing a clean, functional, and attractive website that can easily catch the audience’s attention.

In average, it only takes 0.05 seconds for users to form an opinion by looking at their website. That is why, programming and layout with design, functionality, and navigation experience play a vital role to user’s experience. Imagine having a website that load fully in 5 seconds, while users expect page loads in less than 3 seconds, it will drives people away. Website’s speeds is considered as an important feature for end-users.

What is Front End Developer?

Front end developer are responsible for a website’s user-facing code and the architecture of its user experiences so visitors can easily interact with the page. Everything you see when you open a website, it’s because of the expertise of Front End Developer. They transform the code build by Back End Developers into graphical user interfaces.

Without Front End Developer, all you see in a website is only codes. But with the help of Front End Developer, people who don’t understand coding can easily understand what the web page is about. They do this by using the combination of web design, technology and programming to code, as well as taking care of debugging.

Not just that, Front End Developer also responsible to make sure that the websites or applications work well, regardless of device type and OS.

Why does Front End Development Important?

Company can create a great experience from client’s satisfaction point through a website’s function and layout. It needs to factor in the business purpose, branding and customer needs to fully support the company.

First Appearances

In today’s world, businesses’ website are often be the first impression as well as its first interaction with customers. The Front End Developer knows how to take this into a strong front end development strategy. Building only an attractive website is not enough; it should also focus customers’ specific needs.

Successful Branding

Effective website will bring business logos, products, user-friendly designs and all other aspects with well-planned branding. It can be delivered to customers through FrontEnd Developer.

Business Purpose

Even with a targeted user-friendly website, it does not fully support a business unless it deliver the business’ purpose. When user visits your website, they should not be confused. In order to do that, a Front End Developer should know how to combine HTML, JavaScript, and other development tools.

Trust and Confidence

If customers encounter with websites that feature poor graphics, runtime errors, HTML problems and other issues they definitely will not return to the website, this way you will lose your customer’s interest. Coming up with a user-friendly layout along with the use of the right graphics will attract customers and keep them engaged for a longer time.

Why Businesses Should Consider to Hire Front End Developer

Boost Performance

Slow web page will drive users to exit from the page and move to other website that has faster loading speed. Website with faster loading speed have results in drive user visits, and further, boosting sales.

Aligning Business Intent

A website must reflect of its business purpose. It’s about creating display that will not confuse the visitors and provide better user experience.

Optimized Navigation

Optimizing navigation will help the visitors find what they seek from your site. It’s consist of with a clean and well-planned site layout. This way, it will help to gain customers’ trust.

Visitor Retention

A well-designed website will build trust and confidence to your brand and help achieve the business’ goals leading a higher traffic and conversion. If the website have bad loading speed, it will reduce visitor’s interest, further, they will not return to the website.

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