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With millions of apps out there on the Google Play it is not an easy task to stand out and attract the attention of the users towards your app. There are chances for the apps that are similar to yours will already be present on Google Playstore. That is why when developing your app, you need to make sure that your app is feature-rich, unique and user-friendly. 

Android is an operating system that developed by Google. It is present to developers and designers to create software and devices. They can edit and modify open-source operating systems to reach the demand of the app or device that they are building.

What is Android Developer?

An Android Developer is an IT Talents who specializes in designing applications for Android Playstore. In order to make the best apps, an Android App Developer must stay in line of the latest mobile trends. Android was designed for use on touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Android Development has several responsibilities, from creating the app to debugging it after deployment while creating the app to make the app more user-friendly and easier to use. Hiring top Android Developer from IDstar will help you create a successful app that will stand out.

Here are some industries that making an investment in Android Developer.


A large number of Android apps are being used by the hospital or clinic administration. They help patients connected to the doctor remotely, such as online consultation, virtual health monitoring and also online appointment scheduling.

Banking & Finance

Almost every banking has an application for their customers as they can do transactions, check balance, pay bills. Along with make investments, buy insurance, and more on your mobile app without approaching the bank branch or insurance company.


The majority of people are using mobile applications for buying what they want and need. The apps make it possible for customers and retailers to make the shopping experience to the next level. They can buy whatever they want anywhere and anytime.

Real Estate

Users nowadays are more about practical. With android apps, they can look to buy, rent, lease, or sell their properties with only using their smartphone apps.


Nowadays, learning and educating are much easier because of mobile applications. Education is not about going into classroom anymore. People can learn everywhere and everytime they want with the help of E-learning application on their mobile.

Android Developer Can Help Brighten Up Your Business

Nowadays, almost every business is selling their products and services through online to the entire world. That is why making an app for your business has become a necessity and it will help your business to grow.

High ROI With Lower Costs

The entire android development cycle is not much pricey. As an open-source platform, Android’s Software Development Kit (SDK) is available to be used by Android Developer. In turn, the end users, are benefited by an interactive app, and the enterprise gains a higher return on investment.

Easy Customization

Android is a multipurpose platform with a high flexibility and easy customization options. As an open source platform, they offers maximum customization features to development teams. All you get is an innovative mobile app with diverse functionalities.

Enhanced Security

It is now difficult for malware to locate the data structure because Android P introduced several additional and in-built security features.

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