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We provide our clients with a dedicated, customized, and secure team extension model that integrates with your internal development practices, methodologies, and cultures.

  • Greater flexibility and control over the development process

  • Access to a team of experts with specialized skills and knowledge

  • Faster time to market and reduced development costs

  • Better risk management and quality assurance

What kind of process to find your team?

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Our team excellent on

Java Developer

Java Developers are the masterminds behind IT solutions. They recommend innovative solutions for improving user experience and the way entire organizations operate.

RPA Developer

RPA developer specializes in designing, developing, and implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions for businesses to automate their repetitive and mundane tasks.

ETL Developer

An ETL developer is a type of IT Talent that manages, designs, develops, and maintains data storage systems and ensures they contain business-relevant data.

Quality Assurance

Never worry about finding errors while the websites or applications are released, Quality Assurance will make sure your project runs well before being released to users.

Android Developer

In order to make the best apps that stand out and attract the users’ attention, an Android Developers must stay in line of the latest mobile trends and IDstar knows how to.

iOS Developer

iOS development is an important asset for businesses that aim to offer solution for your business and gain higher-income customers. By hiring an iOS developer from IDstar businesses can build custom apps.

Fullstack Developer

By using a full-stack developer from IDstar, you are investing your time and money on someone who has multiple talents and can benefit your organization.

.Net Developer

Businesses are looking for .Net programming languages and services to develop quality, functional, and secure applications and solutions for their platforms.

Front-end Developer

Everything you see when you open a website, it’s because of the expertise of Front-End Developers.

Back-end Developer

Back-End Developer is about connecting the customer side with the server side and then making it into a system.

Business Analyst

Having a Business Analyst is responsible for bridging the gap between IT and the business using data analytics to assess processes. This means that your company can be assessing the business model and its integration with technology.


DevOps bridges the gap between Deployment (Dev) and Operation (Ops) departments. They not only manage the company’s software development but also manage the infrastructure.

UI/UX Designer

UI/UX is responsible for designing the application that will improve user experience and customer satisfaction which ultimately helps increase the number of users of the specific application.

OutSystem Developer

OutSystems Developer is about developing complex applications with utilize low-code platform to create, deploy, and manage custom enterprise applications. It creates applications visually by dragging and dropping without the need for extensive coding knowledge.

Junior Developer

Just like other developers, Junior developers has a unique advantage for company. Hence, they represent untapped well of professional for tech companies.

The technologies we expertise in helping you


Spring Boot & Quarkus


JS & Native


Ab Initio

Node JS

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Angular JS








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Talent’s technical skills

We specialize in helping you build a team of experts. We are not only looking for general skills but also specific personality skills that they are passionate about.

Technical Skill

Industry Experience


Critical Thinking


Problem Solving

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