Industrial Revolution 4.0 towards Society 5.0, are you ready?

Throwback time to the revolution industry 4.0

Industrial Revolution 4.0 towards Society 5.0, are you ready?

Maybe some of you are familiar with the Industrial Revolution 4.0. But, do you really know what “Industrial Revolution 4.0” is? On this occasion, we will discuss information about Industry 4.0.

In the 18th century (around 1750-1850) the industrial revolution began to have massive changes that occurred in almost all fields of work in the world, where it made almost all people’s lives change drastically because of the inventions of advanced technology, such as trains. transcontinental fire, steam engines, electricity, and other inventions. 

The industrial revolution itself is not directly related to the industrial revolution 4.0, but there is the Industrial Revolution 1.0, the Industrial Revolution 2.0, the Industrial Revolution 3.0, and the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Let’s discuss it briefly:

  1. The first Industrial Revolution was marked by the development of the steam engine by James Watt and the creation of water-powered engines. 
  2. The Second Industrial Revolution was also known as the Technological Revolution. The revolution that began in the late 19th century until the beginning of the 20th century was marked by the presence of electric power.
  3. Industrial Revolution 3.0, marked by the emergence of digital technology developments. Where the internet was first discovered until the development of semiconductors and industrial automation processes.
  4. In the Industrial Revolution 4.0, intelligent technology began to be embedded that could be connected to various areas of human life. History has noted, that this industrial revolution has claimed many victims with the death of giant companies which shows that the size of one company does not guarantee, but creativity and innovation can guarantee the success of your business.

            So in short, the Industrial Revolution 4.0 integrates cyber technology and automation technology. Then, what technologies were used when the Industrial Revolution 4.0 entered? There are several main technologies during the Industrial Revolution 4.0, including the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Augmented Reality (AR), Cyber ​​Security, Artificial Intelligence, Additive Manufacturing, Integrated Systems, and Cloud Computing.

            However, behind all the sophistication of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, there are several impacts that are felt by the world. Both from social, economic, political, cultural, and global impacts. Why did this happen?

  • Social Impact

The impact that arises because of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution is that when sophisticated machines can replace the role of humans in the industrial world, it can result in reduced job availability. Therefore, the unemployment rate will increase.

  • Political Impact

With the increase in the unemployment rate, the country’s economy will certainly be affected. 

  • Economic Impact

As new and sophisticated technologies continue to emerge, these business people have to be able to keep up with these developments. Where companies have to pay high enough costs to implement the Industrial Revolution 4.0 to be able to compete with other competitors who are doing the same thing. Due to new machines, automatically investing in old machines will also cause losses.

            Broadly speaking, the existence of an Industrial Revolution will result in various kinds of possibilities. There are positive impacts and negative impacts of course. But behind all that, the original purpose of the Industrial Revolution was to deal with problems the process of producing a good or service that was initially difficult, time-consuming, and costly has changed to become easier, faster, and cheaper. So, are you ready for the next Industrial Revolution, which is Society 5.0?

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