IT Resource is a WFH Solution

IT Resource is a WFH Solution

Friday, 27 March 2020

Increasing awareness of the potential spread of the corona virus (COVID-19) applies in each business unit. As we know COVID-19 has become a pandemic. Various steps are taken to prevent its widespread distribution, starting from social distancing to lockdown.

These methods are not always related to panic or fear but rather social responsibilities that must be faced seriously by all people. Some countries have taken the same steps. Closing access and limiting activities for the community.

As a result, many schools were closed and workers did office activities from home. The rule is to reduce physical contact with other in public facilities which increases the risk of COVID-19. The decision was also taken to ensure the continuity of the company’s business by managing employees, job and technology still running well.

An activity called WFH (Work From Home) is the right policy to take and implement in the current situation. Before the situation happened like now, WFH had become part of the trend and outlook HR Practices. WFH has also become one of the trends that increasingly leads the ‘New Normal’ in HR practices in this digital era.

WFH is also believed to provide benefits to employees and companies. For employees, WFH can be a solution for their aspirations to get Work-Life Balance, work time flexibility and even increase productivity. Especially for millennial employees who want flexibility.

WFH has been widely practiced because supports the workings of collaborative ways and to produce many positive things. Among other things, co-creation between units, building digital culture mindset and developing digital competencies by utilizing a developing IT resource and collaboration platform.

In many companies, this has become a strategic program known as digital transformation program. The company utilizes IT resources to help achieve goals. Especially, the expensive investments have made companies need information technology evaluation. In his book, Slack (2010), stated that operational activities related to information technology area activities with the management of hardware, software and implementation of service. Operational activities through the field of information technology are needed by WFH. The worker or company can use service IT resource like IDStar. IDStar has facilities customers and IT expertise to achieve their goals.

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