OutSystems Platform? What are the benefits for my business?

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OutSystems Platform? What are the benefits for my business?

OutSystems is a platform that can develop an application very easily. Evidenced by the results of the IDC study in research experience and developers in digital transformation in Asia-Pacific, it is proven that 59% of organizations or companies there use the Low-Code platform for their business.

         The combined result of the OutSystems research and the IDC study, currently the level of use of the low-code platform in Indonesia is one of the highest in Asia-Pacific, reaching 86%. 

         The needs of consumers who are very fast-moving and changing are a challenge that must be faced by all businesses everywhere, and of course, these challenges must be overcome so that the company can continue to run. 

         OutSystems is here to be a solution for all organizations or businesses that have difficulty developing in the world of digital technology. Out-Systems is a Low-Code technology developer that can help your business develop applications in an easy and effective way.

         OutSystems itself gets the predicate in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms in 2019. So that in May 2020, IDstar has officially become a partner with OutSystems that will help your organization or business. 

Some of the advantages of OutSystems that you should know:

1. With OutSystems the development process will be faster and easier

In OutSystems there is Drag and Drop Programming technology, where usually the development process feels more complicated because you have to type code and code manually, but with the Drag and Drop Programming technology it will enter existing code and logic.

2. OutSystems has special capabilities

OutSystems is also able to connect separate data and modernize old systems that are equipped with integration capabilities with existing systems (Application Programming Interface).

3. OutSystems supports multiple clouds

If you are worried that the server you are using is a server managed by your own company, then OutSystems can handle that. OutSystems will support a variety of clouds, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Alibaba Cloud, Azure Stack, and even on-premise servers that meet standards and certifications according to OutSystems and customer criteria.

The things above are some of the advantages of OutSystems. How, ready to grow together? IDstar is ready to be a solution and partner for your business!

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