Self-taught Programmer? If you can, why not!

Self-taught Programmer? If you can, why not!


Self-Taught Programmer? If you can, why not? In this era of development, the world of technology is one of the things that will develop very quickly. The digital world has been implemented everywhere, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic which strongly supports this digital world to reduce physical contact that can cause the transmission of the virus.

Of course, the industry in the technology sector will continue to develop its business, so that the human resources needed will be even higher. One of them is a programmer, whose job is to create a program on a computer.

Are you interested in becoming a self-taught programmer? In this sophisticated era, you can learn anything very easily! Because, there are so many sources of information media that you can access to learn about it without having to pay too much. Then, what should you do? Let’s follow these tips!

  1. Determine what programming language you are interested in

Did you know that there are so many programming languages ​​and more and more? Before starting to learn, make sure you decide on a programming language that you really want to learn. If you learn many programming languages ​​at once, you will become unfocused, so you cannot learn optimally. If you have mastered the programming language, you can look for a programming language that is more complicated to learn.

  1. Do simple research that will be your source for learning

Look for complete modules or resources, this module will be your guide when studying, with the aim that you can learn easily and easily understand. Make sure the source that you want to study is a trusted and official source.

  1. Be consistent in learning

Set 2 hours a day for you to focus on learning this programming language, make sure you study well without any other activity interruptions. Collect intentions and be consistent in doing this, then you will quickly understand and absorb the material that you have just learned.

  1. Do it continuously and don’t give up easily

The material we have studied in theory will be better if it is put into practice. Do things that you have learned continuously, so that you can master the programming language well. Don’t let what you have learned theoretically be wasted.



So, those are the tips you can do to become a self-taught programmer. Indeed, at first it feels very difficult, so only your own intentions can determine whether you become a Programmer or not. Have a good study!

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