Software Developer vs Software Engineer

bedanya software developer dan software engineer

Software Developer and Software Engineer

What is the difference between software developers and software engineers? Based on the Computer Science Degree Hub, software developers and software engineers have different tasks. Software Engineering refers to the machine principles when creating software.

For example, from life-cycle development to connecting with client needs by utilizing applicable technology; develop systematic processes to perform specific functions, and use engineering concepts to create software.

Meanwhile, software developers are creative people behind the program. Software Developer is responsible for all development processes; Collaborate with clients to create theoretical designs.

Software developers also need to have programmers who help them create the necessary code, so that the software runs properly and tests, and solves problems together. The Software Developer provides a workflow guide for each project in progress.

In practice, software engineers use engineering concepts in designing software so that it fits user needs.

The responsibilities of a software engineer are very broad, covering the seven phases of the software development life cycle (SDLC).

Meanwhile, the scope of work of a software developer is much smaller than that of a software engineer.

A software developer has an important role to be able to build the best software possible.

In addition, software developer involvement in the software development process is limited to certain projects.

So simply put, a software engineer will design what kind of software you want to build. After the design is complete, the software developer will build it.

Skills, Duties and Responsibilities 

Software engineer must have the ability to manage complex systems. Not infrequently, you will also act as a consultant, team leader, or work individually in various types of projects.

To become a software engineer, you need to equip yourself with several abilities, including:

  • Have technical expertise in the software development process accompanied by extensive experience in various projects.
  • Have the capability to perform automated testing using various types of tools.
  • Have knowledge of various types of programming languages, including C / C ++.
  • Know how to build and maintain IT architectures, large-scale data storage, and cloud-based systems.
  • Have the ability to work effectively
  • Have the ability to analyze, design, and develop a software program.

Furthermore, there are several important tasks that are the responsibility of a software engineer. Among them:

  • Doing research, designing, developing, testing, and maintaining software
  • Communication with clients or consumers is related to software design and specifications
  • Analyze user needs and conduct assessments regarding the requirements of the software being handled, including those related to funds / time and design feasibility
  • Coordinating with various other teams in an effort to provide technical support as well as part of the product development process

Software Engineer Capability

Software Engineers are Software Developers who are very adept at building complex systems. Software Engineers are people who can not only create applications that function well, but also have experience and know how to create these applications. Know how to refactor, document projects, and analyze program errors and fix them.

Software Engineers play an active role as leaders, consultants, and contributors to various projects. They must provide analysis, identify, and implement the latest technology to help the client or company achieve its goals.

They must also be able to manage resources, coordinate and supervise technical project plans. Usually software engineers collaborate with IT, operators and development staff, up to the software development life cycle.

A Software Engineer is expected to:

  • Technical experience and working on many projects.
  • Become familiar with design patterns to create a system that is robust and minimal errors.
  • Can use automated testing tools such as Gherkin, Cucumber, or Ansible.
  • Know how to create and maintain IT architectures, large-scale data storage, and cloud computer systems.
  • Build sustainable projects.
  • Can work effectively with both alone and with a team remotely.
  • Senior Software Engineers must be observant in analyzing systems, design, and program development.

Software Engineer roles are usually contained in:

  • Research, design, develop, and test programs as well as compile and distribute software.
  • Modify existing software to fix defects, implement with the latest hardware, and improve performance.
  • Analyzes what users need and assesses software requirements including design feasibility and cost and time constraints.
  • Consult with customers regarding specifications and designs
  • Coordinate with system software for release and installation (installation).
  • Keep an eye on ongoing projects.


Meanwhile, a software developer must have the ability to build software as needed.

You not only need to equip yourself with coding knowledge, but also assess a system, have ideas for software development efforts, and collaborate with users, designers, and system analysts.

In an effort to carry out their duties, a software developer must have several abilities such as:

  • Familiar with various types of popular programming languages, such as Python, C #, Java, and C ++.
  • Have experience using open source tools like GitHub.
  • Able to communicate and cooperate well.
  • Detail-oriented, because small mistakes in the software development process can be fatal.
  • Able to understand the logic of using other programming language codes that have not been mastered.

Software Developer Capabilities

Software developer is not only responsible for writing code, but also reviewing the system, creating ideas for improvement, including efforts to realize these ideas. Software developers work closely with analysts, end users, marketers, and designers.

Software developers must ensure that the code they write runs by testing, using simulations before distributing software. They also need to be able to fix existing bugs and revise the program to increase efficiency.

A good software developer must be creative, have technical experience, have lots of innovative ideas, and solve customer problems. Software developers usually follow a development lifecycle or delivery framework method such as Scrum, XP, or Kanban.

A software developer must be able to:

  • have good analitic
  • Familiar with various programming languages ​​for efficient work with programs, such as Java, C #, C ++, Python.
  • Experience of using free and open source platforms like GitHub.
  • Able to communicate well, be able to provide feedback, and be thorough because small mistakes can cause big problems.
  • Careful care will help manage concurrent projects
  • Understand coding logic even in unfamiliar programming languages.

Software developers must continually monitor changes to the programs they make, including completing readings, submitting quality and consistent programs.

As a result, software developers usually always manage work time, deadlines, schedules, and balance their main work and existing bug issues.

Software Engineer or Software Developer?

The main difference between software developers and engineers is: software developers only focus on one area, one of which is building code.

Meanwhile, an engineer is a person who designs, plans, and applies engineering principles to software development. View almost the entire project and cover a larger area. Engineers can be likened to developers, but engineers focus on programming architecture.

The most striking difference is that engineers supervise and developers focus on creating functional programs. Everyone can become a developer if they know about programming concepts, write code without having to analyze performance and scalability.

From the description above, it can be seen that a software engineer has an important task in overseeing the software development process, while a software developer is more focused on creating programs that can work well. So, are you more interested in becoming a software developer or software engineer?

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