Surface Web, Deep Web, Dark Web? What’s the difference ?!

Surface Web, Deep Web, Dark Web? What’s the difference ?!

What’s the difference between Surface, Deep and Dark Web? With the era of technology that continues to develop, one of which is the increasing number of internet users. Results of a survey by the Service Providers Association Internet Indonesia (APJII) for the 2019-quarter II / 2020 period recorded the number of internet users in Indonesia reaching 196.7 million inhabitants. Where now the internet is used to meet human needs such as reading news, looking for information, online shopping, playing social media, watching movies, or listening to songs to entertain yourself online.

           But behind the sophistication of the internet that we use every day, there are parts that users don’t necessarily know. The internet turns out to have several parts which are commonly called the Deep Web and the Dark Web, where the assumption is that they are the same thing, but they are 2 different parts. Starting from how to access it, what websites can be accessed, who can use it, and much more!

           This time we will discuss what are the differences between the Surface Web, Deep Web, and Dark Weeb in more detail, so that we both know.

Surface Web

The first is the Surface Web, the Surface Web is part of the World Wide Web (www) which can be used in general and can be searched using standard search engines. All activities carried out on the surface web can be viewed by the ISP provider. This part of the internet consists of only 10% of the information on the internet. Surface web is part of the internet that we use every day, such as playing social media, shopping online, study, and order online transport.

Search engines that can access the Surface Web include Google, Yahoo, and others. The websites indexed on the Surface Web have approximately 4.47 billion pages and can be accessed by all internet users.

Deep Web

           Deep Web? What do you have in your mind about this part of the internet? Deep web level deeper than Surface Web, Deep web refers more to websites that cannot be accessed by search engines like Google and Yahoo easily. Why? Because the content on the Deep Web has not been indexed by search engines in general. In other words, a website that is not indexed by a site search engine, the address can only be accessed by navigating directly to the URL via a link or typing the appropriate web address into the web browser.

           Then, why do so many websites use the Deep Web? The answer is because the reason the information they have is not intended for public consumption. Owners of this information make their content inaccessible by entering not appearing in internet browser search results. You should know, the Deep Web is not always illegal and there is a lot of activity that takes place which is entirely in a legal context. Usually the Deep Web is used by journalists, whistleblowers, protesters, anti-censorship advocacy groups, and people oppressed by political regimes.

           To access the Deep Web, users will be asked to enter a password, encryption and must use special software, so not just anyone can use the Deep Web. The Deep Web can be used anonymously by using a VPN.

Dark Web

           Dark Web? Dark Net? Yup! The Dark Web is commonly known as the “Dark Net”, which is one of the most “IN” parts of the internet. So, users who can access the Dark Web have several things that must be fulfilled. One is that a certain level of internet speed is required, and one must follow the steps that must be taken to not only enter this enshroud world while maintaining maximum privacy. To maintain the anonymity of someone, Dark Web users usually use special software to cover their identity, starting from location, IP address, etc.

           Many things can be found through the Dark Web, from credit card numbers, fake passports, hacked accounts, sensitive government data, and many other crimes. Therefore the Dark Web is also known as a dark net that is commonly used for crime and illegal activities.

           One of the platforms that can be used to access the Dark Web is the Tor Project. Usually, the Dark Web is used by hackers, illegal goods sellers, and buyers of illegal goods, and its users are confirmed to be anonymous.

Well, here are the differences between Surface Web, Deep Web, and Dark Web. Make sure you use the internet as well as possible, to increase your value. Don’t forget to visit us at see you again in the next article!

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