5 Captcha’s Functions You Should Know!

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What is a captcha?

Maybe this question that show up when you hear this one word. For internet users who have frequently visited various sites and registered online, captcha may be familiar for you. Captcha is a general security system that must be owned by website owners.

Captcha is commonly found on the Internet, especially when you register on a site or use tools on a website. Unfortunately, most users just follow prompts to enter letters, numbers or click on images, without really knowing what they do.

Why does Google use Captcha?

Google is committed to keeping your information safe. Captcha offers protection from remote digital entry by ensuring that only people with the correct password can access the account.

Captcha works well because computers can create distorted images and process responses, but can’t read or troubleshoot problems that humans have to work on to pass the test.

Many web services, including Google, use Captcha to help prevent unauthorized account entries. You can also view Captcha on other sites that provide access to sensitive information, such as bank accounts or credit cards.

Understanding Captcha

Are you a robot?

This question is often encountered when you want to access sites on the internet and you have to verify to make sure that you are really human. This is what is called a captcha.

Based on this acronym, it can be concluded that captcha is the use of graphics, it can be letters, numbers, or images to verify whether the request made by a computer or a human.

In general, this test can be done easily by humans, but it is difficult for computers to solve so that in the end only humans can pass.

In essence, captcha is a technology used to differentiate between robots and real users. The validation process is designed so that it can only be solved by humans and must be bypassed so that the user can access the desired site.

5 Captcha’s Functions You Should Know

So, the question about what is captcha is answered. However, of course it will not end here. Another question arises regarding the captcha function itself.

Actually, captcha does have a crucial function for a website because it is often used as a validation feature so that the system is not easily broken into by robots. The main function of the captcha is so that the website can avoid bots entering the site. However, for more details, the following is the function of the captcha:

1. Protect Registration on the Website

In general, free services provided by large companies such as Google, Microsoft, Youtube, and others require a captcha to protect and prevent data misuse by various automated scripts.

Therefore, when registering you often encounter captchas. For information, several years ago there was a bots attack when there was registration of thousands of email accounts at the same time. With the captcha, it is hoped that this will not happen again.

2. Prevent Dictionary Attack on Website or Blog

The use of captcha can also prevent dictionary attacks in the encryption system (password) so as to prevent account theft which is done by breaking passwords through the use of dictionary bots.

This way the account will be safer and avoid theft and misuse of irresponsible persons.

3.Protects Email Addresses from Scrapers

A scraper is a bots that can cut someone’s email address from a website, then take over access. Captcha will protect and hide your email address from scrapers so that spammers cannot spread spam and find your email address.

4. Prevent Spam Comments on Websites or Blogs

Many bloggers use fake comments to increase the rate of their site so that it enters the start page of search engines. The existence of a captcha will prevent comment spam of this type, because every time you want to post a comment, the user must first enter a captcha from a combination of numbers, letters or images.

5. Prevent Search Engine Bots

The existence of Captcha can protect a web page from search engine bots that sometimes appear to read web pages. In fact, there are tags that can do this task.


Before captcha was discovered, very many spammers and hackers created programs where the program could register repeatedly, automatically and of course the hackers used it to abuse it. Example for polling just by creating their spam program only takes a short time to get a poll of millions.

However, captcha also has a negative side because it is often seen as making internet users lazy and reluctant or unwilling to sign up and fill out forms. If you are a developer, the captcha is a mandatory item that you must make so that no party plays or abuses your website. Thank you for reading 5 Captcha’s Functions You Should Know!

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