5 Things “Privilege” in the World of IT

5 Things "Privilege" in the World of IT

5 Things “Privilege” in the World of IT

When talking about “Programmer” what comes to your mind? People, who have to grapple with multiple programming languages? People working at night? People, who tend to be quiet and introverted? But, did you know that all professions in the world have their respective advantages! Let us discuss what are the “advantages” in the world of IT, especially Programmers.

  1. “Promising” Salaries

It is common knowledge that a programmer has a high enough salary. But, do you know why this happened? This happens because, the high demand for human resources in the field of IT industry. The endless technological developments make all industries compete to keep up with existing technological developments. Each year, the industry requires approximately 500,000 IT personnel, while each year there are only 25,000 IT graduate students. This high demand causes the salaries of various professions in the IT world to be relatively competitive and one of them is a programmer.

  1. Wide job field

Maybe before the pandemic, many people didn’t really care about technology. But, who would have thought that suddenly a pandemic would come and make the turnover of various businesses fall, and not a few had to close their businesses. From this, we can see how “technology” will continue to develop for the good of us all. With this technology, many MSMEs can continue to run their business online.

According to research on the social media management platform HootSuite and social marketing agency We Are Social, entitled “Global Digital Reports 2020” revealed that “as many as 64% of the population in Indonesia are active internet users”. From this we can see that more and more jobs for the IT profession will be created.

  1. Good Problem-Solver

Did you know, that an IT student will learn and must be familiar with analyzing a problem in great detail since college. This is what makes IT Kids an excellent problem-solver because they are able to find and overcome every flaw and error very well.

  1. You will have a good memory

            Apart from good problem-solvers, people in the IT world tend to have a good memory. Why? Because they are familiar with managing logic, algorithms, and other problem-solving. This makes the memory of IT children honed well.

  1. And of course you are a person who can concentrate fully

            Concentration is the concentration of attention or thoughts while doing something. If you are an IT kid, of course, you are already familiar with bugs or errors that pop up. With these errors and bugs that make you fully concentrate on preventing them all.

            So, those are the 5 advantages if you are an IT “kid” that you can make a “privilege”. Now is the time for you to be excited to hone the skills that you want to master to become provisions in the future!

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