7 Tips for Supporting Your WFH

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

7 Tips for Supporting Your WFH

Companies around the world have adopted a remote work system. In recent times, the company launched WFH (Work From Home) policy amid the spread of COVID-19. The term WFH relates to policies to prevent transmission of the corona virus in the community. One of them is when the government through the ministry of PAN-RB has set WFH for civil servants.

The policy applies in central to regional governments. WFH is working from home. This means that employees do not need to come to the office and can work from their place of residence. That way, the risk of transmission of the virus in the community can be reduced. It is hoped that the corona virus pandemic around the world could end soon.

Moving work to home is realistic and normal for some workers. Especially work can be easier with IT. There are several ways to increase productivity. So that maximum work results, this is what you need to do to keep productive when you WFH.

1. Plan Workflows

To start WFH, employees must arrange their workflow. Because working from home and in the office has a different situation.

2. Follow Routine Hours

In order to keep working spirit and not be lazy, employees can follow routine work hours. For example, you usually start getting up at 8 am in the morning to work, then wake up at the same time.

3. Do Like Real Work

Bathing and dressing modestly to treat like real work. It can be tried to create conducive work situation.

4. Comfortable

Find a comfortable position at work. So you can stay productive in WFH. Employees can open a laptop on a table and sit like are in an office.

5. Application

Prepare an adequate application. If the job application is incomplete, productivity will also decrease. If confused, you can use the services of IT consultants and IT resources from IDStar.

6. Stay Active in Team Communication

Have very clear targets and expectations for daily communication. Because work alone can make people feel unmotivated and less productive.

7. Don’t Feel Isolated

Strive to get using to changing work because long isolation has an impact on morale and productivity.

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