Adira Joins the Robotic Wagon

19 November 2019

Adira Joins the Robotic Wagon

Adira Finance is one of the most well-known auto-financing companies in Indonesia. Since its establishment in 1990, the company has helped millions of Indonesians in buying motor vehicles, both new or used. Considering this massive scale in operations, Adira Finance needs a robust workflow.

Entering the digital age, Adira Finance was quick to take the hint that automation would be extremely helpful, especially for its HCGA (Human Capital & General Affairs) and Corpu (Corporate University) divisions. Both divisions have tedious and repetitive processes, which are perfect to be taken over by RPA (robotic process automation).

IDStar has been entrusted with the honor of supporting Adira Finance in applying RPA. In 2019, Adira presented six cases to be developed; two have been developed by IDStar (for remunerations and SPPI certification), while the other four will be joint developments (for resetting password, FPSK, e-learning registration, and online report assessment). IDStar provides full support, but the beauty of RPA is that half way through, the clients would be able to customize their own RPA modules according to whatever process is considered a drag at that time—still with a helping hand for occasional troubleshooting, of course.

The whole project is targeted to be done and live by December 2019, It is essential to highlight that the result will affect the work of approximately 20,000 Adira employees. This serious scale demands a solid and fast system, which IDStar is ready to provide on time.

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