Application for Learning Coding

Application for Learning Coding

In the digital era and the rapid development of technology like today. The profession of programmer or software developer has attracted a lot of interest or has become the prima donna of some people. The development of software or applications cannot be separated from the programmers who develop it, in other words, the programmer is coding the application. Here are some application for learning coding

For those of you who want to enter the IT world, you must understand coding. Especially for those of you who want to become a programmer or developer, you really have to master coding. Currently, many people have studied coding, although not from a computer or informatics background. It is not without reason that they learn coding, starting from a profession that is abundant and much needed so that it can be used as a career support.

What is Coding?

Coding is one of the actions of programming steps by writing code or scripts in a programming language. In order for the script to be understood by the computer, during the coding process you must follow the syntax rules that apply. The syntax rules really depend on what programming language you are using when writing the script.

In other words coding is an activity where you tell the computer what to do for you. A code that is in a script can be likened to everyday language. Every code you write will help the computer know and understand what you want to do on the computer. The computer will receive this command and the computer will perform operations based on the command you wrote.

Where to start learning coding?

After you understand what coding is. Are you getting interested in learning to code? You need to know that learning to code is not as easy as expected and also not as difficult as imagined. The most important thing is your intention and seriousness when learning to code, and also your unyielding attitude because when you learn to code you will often encounter errors so you have to solve these errors so that your program code can be run by the computer.

In the internet era like now, you can easily find coding learning materials. You only have to look for it through the Google search engine or via Youtube. However, you should learn to code by following the steps according to the abilities you have.

Why is Learning Coding Important?

Learning programming and coding languages ​​will make it easier for you to create applications and software. In addition, with this skill, you can also develop a career path in the IT world, you know. Want to know other benefits of learning the basics of coding?

  1. Have the skills to run applications and software businesses.In this advanced age, anyone can be a businessman. The scope of the field is also wide, not only about clothing, food and shelter. If you succeed in creating an application that answers market needs, you will profit up to millions of rupiah. Isn’t that interesting? But to achieve this success, you must first learn coding and web programming languages.
  2. Create your own website.With a website builder tool, everyone has the same opportunity to create their own website. Without the help of a web creation service. However, if you want a website that is more flexible, attractive, intuitive, and professional at the same time, make a website from scratch using code, such as HTML and CSS.
  3. Developing a career so that it is increasingly shot.Tired of your current position or want to try a new job? You can learn coding on your own to prepare yourself to enter the world of IT. Jobs in this area are still wide open and are likely to continue to attract enthusiasts.

Programming language

To start coding or learn coding, the first step is to determine the programming language that will be used. Determine the programming language according to your goals and what you will create. There are various kinds of programming languages, each programming language has its own objectives and characteristics.

For example, you will start coding to create an Android application, then you can use the Java or Kotlin programming language. Meanwhile, if you are going to start coding to create a web application, then you can use the PHP, Javascript, and other programming languages.

Actually, you can freely choose the programming language to use. Here are some popular programming languages ​​that you can use to start coding.

  • PHP
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • Java
  • C ++
  • C #
  • C
  • Ruby
  • Swift
  • R
  • Go

Applications that can help you learn coding

  1. Udacity

With this application we can learn about the world of programming or coding from the most basic stage, where in this application we will learn related programming languages ​​HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Java, and other programming languages.

  1. PROgramming Hub

Thanks to the help and support of this application, we can learn and practice coding without depending on an internet connection. Where in this application there are many collections of programming languages ​​that are quite complete and varied, such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript which are packaged in one application.

  1. Codebox

It has a neat appearance that makes reading easier for users. In addition, there is also a brief summary of each problem that is being studied by the user so that the user will have a better understanding of Android or Java programming.

  1. Learn Java

This new application provides lessons covering the basics of the Java language such as variables, operators, arrays, classes, and objects to learning about threads and more. If you learn with this application, users will get ratings, points, and can compete with other people around the world.

  1. AIDE-Ideas For Android Java C ++

The AIDE application has several categories of learning including Java Skills, Android Development, and Android Wear Development. With this application, users can create a sample application with one click and run the application easily.


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