Are you new to the IT world? Here are tips for you!

Are you new to the IT world? Here are tips for you!


Are you new to IT World? Here are tips for you! In the world of IT, you must be familiar with programming languages, projects, programmers, developers, and others. But, it turns out that the Programmer and Developer are two different things! A programmer is someone who is only responsible for coding (writing code) and ensuring that its functions can run according to the initial goal. Then, what about the developer? Developers are responsible for building systems, designing architecture, and implementing and developing a system.


You just became a developer? Or are you interested in becoming a developer? There are a few tips for you that you can try! Are you new to IT World? Here are tips for you!

1.Do it according to the roadmap properly

The roadmap referred to here is a learning path that you can follow. You can search for some roadmap references on google to start learning! Remember, nothing is instant in this world. Follow the roadmap in sequence, make sure you have mastered one step, then continue to the next step! Don’t jump up and down.

2. Don’t be afraid to try something new

You won’t know if you don’t try! Try to dare to get out of your comfort zone and look for something new. Sometimes we will develop if we do something challenging!

3. Don’t make errors your enemy

Being a developer, you may be afraid of errors! All developers will meet with errors, even those who are a pro. So, try to make peace with Error and consider this Error to be your friend! Calm down, there must be a way out, the important thing is that you are patient and never give up.

4. Find a mentor/partner to help you learn

There’s nothing wrong with asking other people for help in learning. His name is also a social being, we cannot live alone and of course, will depend on one another. So, start looking for a partner or mentor to be a guide in learning.

5. Make sure you googling it!

Well, if you come across an obstacle that you can’t find a way out of, just calm down. Google for the rescue! Don’t panic, don’t be sad, Google is ready to be the solution to all your problems. If it is stuck, you can ask the other developer communities about the problem.



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