Basic GIT commands you MUST know!

Basic GIT commands you MUST know!

What are Basic GIT Commands? GIT was developed by UNIX developer Linus Torvalds in 2005 and to this day it is used by millions of companies to perform code efficiency management and version control for their projects. Git’s function is to set the version of your program’s source code by indicating which lines and code were added or replaced.

If we talk about version control systems, then there are tons of good GITs, both in terms of relevance and performance. Here are some of the basic GIT commands:

  1. Git Clone
    This is usually used to copy our existing project on Githu. The command is as follows

git clone [url repository github]

  • Git Push

Git Push will send changes to the master branch of the remote repository that corresponds to your working directory. For example:

     git push origin master

  • Git Commit-m

The git commit command is used to commit changes to the head. Note that any committed changes will not go directly to the remote repository. Use:

git commit –m “Fill in the description for the commit”

  • Git Add

The git add command can be used to add files to index. The command:

git add [filename]

  • Git Status

The git status command displays a list of files that have changed along with the files you want to add or commit. Use:

git status

This git command must be known and mastered by all developers because it will be very helpful in working on website creation projects. Actually there are a lot of git commands, but sometimes not all of them are used.



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