IDstar Is The Right Solution For Your Business

IDstar Is The Right Solution For Your Business

With the entry of the Covid-19 pandemic into Indonesia, many companies up to the public have experienced a new problem. Hundreds or even thousands of workers in Indonesia have been forced to terminate, even though there are many people who have very high potential at work. One of them is the workforce in the IT field, for this reason IDstar is here to be a forum that brings together IT workers with companies that need quality workers. After going through the CV screening stage, passing the interview stage, we will provide training for IT workers at IDstar to be ready to become a talent in your company. IDStar is the Right Solution for Your Business


Then, what are the benefits if your company uses IT Resource services at IDstar?

  1. Simplify the process of recruiting new, quality employees in your company
  2. The company becomes easier in allocating the company budget
  3. The right workforce according to the required Skills Set


In addition, with this IT Resource, the workforce also certainly gets several benefits:

  1. Get a job according to the skills they have
  2. Get the opportunity to add to the experience of working at a prestigious company
  3. Get work experience in a variety of different companies


How very interesting isn’t it? Are you ready to make IDstar the solution for your business? Immediately contact us through the contacts that are already available. We would love to help you.


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