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IT Outsourcing: Not a Shame, but a Must.

Perhaps this sounds counter intuitive, but having everything you need in-house may actually be disadvantageous. In this agile digital age, it’s not a shame to confess that your company cannot perform a certain function that is not your core business, but rather, you outsource certain things so your company can focus better on the things that really matter.

In this case, we are specifically talking about IT outsourcing. IT outsourcing means your company uses external service provider(s) to deliver IT enabled resources, business processes, applications, and infrastructure solutions in order to gain more effective economic results. 

In IT outsourcing, while acknowledging IT is not your company’s main business, it does not mean IT is not important. On the contrary, it means IT is so important that you are partnering with the best experts so you don’t get tangled in the future. It is critical to choose the right IT service provider, create the best win-win contracts, and maintain a long term relationship with that external IT provider.

Some advantages you need to consider in relation to IT outsourcing: First, it’s cheaper. IT outsourcing can reduce costs compared to building your own system alone, not to mention the costs for trial and error. Second, faster time-to-market. What is the most valuable commodity? Time! IT outsourcing saves time because you will have a partner to help you come up with the best strategies and avoid common pit-falls. Third, with IT outsourcing, you can take advantage of external skills, expertise, and/or intellectual property that would otherwise be too cumbersome to develop alone.

So if your company is still struggling with IT aspects, it’s high time you outsource it!

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