IDStar’s Contribution In Society 5.0

At the end of 2020, IDStar Group will hold a very big event, namely Moving Towards Society 5.0 which will be held on 3 consecutive days (9,10,11 November 2020) which will be held online.  IDStar’s Contribution in Society 5.0

In this event, we will attend very extraordinary speakers who will discuss the development of the era from technology, human, and marketing perspective from the perspective of Society 5.0. How humans continue to have a major role amid the development of increasingly smart and sophisticated machines and technology.

As the organizer of this event, of course, we from the IDStar group have played a role in implementing Society 5.0. Both from IDstar which focuses on the IT field, Drife which focuses on Digital Marketing, ONE Indonesia which is the link between education and companies, and Gema Inovasi Teknologi which develops Human Resource Information System (HRIS) technology. IDStar’s Contribution in Society 5.0

The era of society 5.0 develops in society with the hope of minimizing the negative impact of robotic and artificial intelligence technology so as not to dominate human life without adequate control. As a company that focuses on providing professional IT resources, IDStar provides solutions for companies through IT consulting for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Robot Process Automation (RPA), and Mobile Apps.

IDStar exists as a forum for sharing skills, abilities, and information in the field of technology, through training or training that aims to raise awareness of the role and success of technology in helping humans in all their jobs. IDStar strongly supports developments in which technology and people can work in harmony so that human performance can produce work of higher value.

In addition, IDStar also supports the development of Society 5.0 by developing human potential through workshops, webinars, and other events to create professional human resources, who are in line with current demands, to work better and move towards progress.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t waste this opportunity and register yourself immediately via the link below:
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