RPA Can Help Your Workloads From Home (WFH)

RPA Can Help Your Workloads From Home (WFH)

Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Cost efficiency continues to be important amid this COVID-19 (coronavirus).  Because COVID-19 situation give more pressure to change operations digitally. So, new services and business value need to be created when public must work from home (WFH). That is always focused on providing cheaper, faster and better service to the companies served.

The service can be through by Robotic Process Automation (RPA) which helped organizations of all shapes and sizes accelerate the digital transformation initiative. RPA tools help automate repetitive processes to help organizations of all shapes and sizes accelerate the digital transformation initiative.

This includes optimizing processes by creating software robots to free up employee time and focus on high-value activities.

RPA is designed for business and companies to carry out tasks efficiently and effectively every day. This helps in implementing processes that must be repeated as data entry or content migration.

That means, RPA is very effective for large or small businesses because it helps complete task and workloads quickly. In addition, the RPA also minimizes human workloads such as data input.

Like ID Star which has one of the fastest and most powerful RPA solutions in this industry era. ID Star RPA has three or four times faster than other products currently available. This is because RPA allows the robot to do some time process adjustments based on task requirements.

The RPA tool is good for business because it’s many benefits. How to RPA can usefully? In general, RPA has a library to do the following:

Move files from a folder

RPA can automate the process of moving documents from one folder to another by defining the work order

Web Automation

One example of web automation can read data on a website and save it in a file.

Email Automation

One example of email automation can be done is to save attachments from the top emails with certain keywords in the subject.

Excel Automation

One example of excel automation can be done to fill in Google forms automatically using data stored in files.

PDF Automation

One example of PDF automation can be done to take text and images from PDF files and save them into text files or message boxes.


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