Building a website is not only about an attractive appearance, but you also need to ensure that the exchange of website data that occurs between the browser and server can run smoothly. In other words, you also have to pay attention to the server and the database, so that your website can be accessed by users.  So, creating a “inside” website is the responsibility of a back end developer. His role is so important in creating a website, making this position much sought after by companies. Here are Skill Backend Developer

What is the Developer Backend?

Backend developer is someone who is responsible for managing the website server (server-side). This means that a backend developer needs to make sure the website works well in terms of exchanging data from the browser to the server.

In addition, the backend developer also handles databases and creates a structured website flow. This can be done thanks to good coding skills. For this reason, a backend developer needs to master the right programming language.

Not only that, the backend developer is also responsible for maintaining the security of the website. You can make sure there is no bad coding that can be used to infiltrate the server, or make sure the flow of the website is not vulnerable to hacking.

Backend developers don’t only have a role when building websites. After the website is online, the backend developer also needs to do testing to continue testing its performance and security.

Tasks of the Backend Developer

For frontend developers, of course, they will be tasked with making a website appearance, which can be seen directly by the user. Unlike the backend which makes the system invisible to the user (behind the scenes). The following are some of the tasks that the backend developer has.

1. Designing the data model structure

The first task to do is to design a data model structure. This step is very important so that application development can be done well and makes it easier for the team to work on applications.

2. Creating program code for applications to make it more secure

The program code that is made of course must have a good security system so that it is not susceptible to being attacked by outside interference such as hacking, cracking, etc. For example, a programmer determines several types of access rights to make it more secure and can recognize who is accessing the website.

3. Overcoming any problems that arise on the server side

If there is a problem with the server, it is the backend developer’s job to solve the problem. Usually, bugs are often found on servers so they need to be fixed immediately so that no errors appear.

4. Develop program code and perform testing

Applications at any time will definitely experience development both from the client and server side. For this reason, it is necessary to develop a program using a special framework to simplify the process of writing program code.

After successfully developing a program, the next step is to test the program code. The developer will start checking if there are programs that are still error or fail to run properly.

5. Creating ideas and concepts to be added to the application product

The best websites are those that have products or content that are always updated. Every day, the job of the backend developer is to create ideas and concepts to add to the website.

The benefit is to attract more readers or users who want to visit the website. Likewise with mobile-based applications, which are subject to changes at any time to increase the accessibility and security of the application.

6. Improve existing data structures

The more data that is entered and managed, of course, as a developer, you must pay attention to this carefully and wisely. Improving the data structure can help to improve the performance of the software.

7. Conduct research and evaluation on the appearance of the website design

For this last task, the backend engineer must always communicate with the frontend developer. The discussion is about the appearance of the website design of the application to be made. So, as a backend engineer, he must do research and evaluation first to determine whether the appearance of the website that has been created is compatible with the database structure on the server that has been created or not.

With good communication, the application development process will not fail halfway. The task of the project manager is very important here to monitor the work of each team.

Programming Language for Back End Developers

No matter how smart the front end developer is and how good the web page is, it’s useless if it’s not accompanied by a reliable back end. The reason is, as explained above, the back end is obliged to perform calculations, process forms, store data, and so on.

Due to such a complex task, the back end is required to understand several programming languages. Some of them are PHP, Python, Node.js, and SQL. Not only that, according Skillcrush, Ruby is also a programming language for people in back end positions.

The use of several programming languages ​​is returned to the respective back end, although there are also those that require it because of the usual nature of use. Of the programming languages ​​mentioned above, PHP is the most popular. According to, PHP is used by 78.4% of the web that uses back end technology.

The existence of learning media and training that can be obtained at inexpensive prices has also contributed to the popularity of PHP. PHP is also a back end choice because of their massive usage. If you eventually decide to become a back end developer, learning PHP will be very beneficial.

The reason is, besides being easy to learn, this language is also widely used by companies as a fundamental programming language. Because they will work a lot with front end positions, ideally back end developers also have an understanding of programming languages ​​such as HTML and CSS.

Skills Back End Developers Must Have

1. Server Related Programming Language

A backend developer must be proficient in server-related programming languages. For example, PHP is a beginner-friendly programming language because of its simple writing rules.

Apart from that, PHP also supports various types of web hosting. This is certainly an advantage considering that currently many websites still use PHP. This means that you can work on multiple projects from clients that require PHP expertise.

However, mastering PHP is not enough. You will also need to learn other programming languages, such as java script. Currently, JavaScript is quite widely used because of its ability to make websites more interactive. Some complex websites can also be made more attractive with this programming language. So, it is worthy of you to learn.

2. Backend Framework

In order to become a reliable back end developer, you need to master the back end framework. Because, with the help of a framework, you can build a website faster.

A framework already has various features that are not provided in basic programming languages. In addition, website performance is also better with guaranteed security.

A backend developer needs to use a framework according to the programming language that is mastered. The following is a list of frameworks that are often used in making websites:

  • Spring, Hibernateis a framework for the Java programming language.
  • CodeIgniter, Laravel, Yii is a framework for the PHP language.
  • Django, Flaskis a framework for the Python language.
  • Railsis a framework for the Ruby language.

By mastering the backend framework, your task in building a website will be easier.

3. Server Management

It is not enough just to master a programming language related to servers, a backend developer must be able to manage the server well.

Today, there are different types of servers in use. However, the ones that are quite popular are Nginx, Apache and LiteSpeed. As a backend developer, you can start learning one server to master, then learning another server.

By having the knowledge to manage servers, it will be easier for you to configure hosting services. Especially, if you use this type of VPS hosting service.

With server management skills, a backend developer will be able to build a website with the best performance.

4. Database Management

Backend developers must also have proficient expertise in managing databases, regardless of type. Starting from MyQSL and PostgreQSL to noSQL and others.

Apart from being easy to manage, the designed database must be secure. The goal, so that server performance is more awake. With good database management, of course the website will be easily accessible and there are rarely any obstacles such as server downtime.

Now, in practice, a backend developer will struggle with manipulating data in the database. For example, adding, changing, and even deleting data. For this reason, a good understanding of database queries is required.

5. API management

A backend developer must master API management. Basically, an API is software that functions to connect various applications or programming languages.

With the API, a website can communicate with other applications or websites. So, you can develop your website even bigger. In fact, with API management capabilities, a back end developer can also connect a website with mobile applications, be it iOS or Android.

That’s why API management is a developer backend skill that needs to be mastered well.

6. Version Control System

Another back-end developer skill that needs to be mastered is the Version Control System (VCS) which functions to adjust the code version for every website development. With this skill, your work can be more structured because every change is well recorded, especially if you work in a team.

For example, you are working on a feature on the website. You and your colleagues can do tasks with different version names. With VCS, you can easily find out which version with good features, then combine them in a new version. That way, website development is done faster.

In addition, some of the programming skills needed to become a back end developer are:

  • Java
  • Javascript
  • Golang
  • Rest API
  • GIT
  • Database Kowledge

Are you ready to become a backend developer?

Back end developer is a web developer who focuses on server management (server side). In practice, the backend developer is also tasked with creating a database and website flow well and is supported by high security.

To be able to carry out their duties properly, a back-end developer needs to master various skills such as understanding servers, programming languages, frameworks, databases, API management to version control systems.

Let’s start learning to be a professional Back End Developer



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