The reason why should writing a blog that programmers MUST know!

The reason why should writing a blog that programmers MUST know!

Why Programmers Should Write Blog? But First, What is blogging? Blogging is a writing activity to write and share the work on a web, the work of this writing can be read by many people regardless of distance. The results of this writing will be found by many people who are connected to the internet and using search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc.

As digital technology develops nowadays, there are so many people who are competing to make their blogs appear and dominate the search engines, if you can’t maintain your blog, your blog web page will be left behind compared to other big blogs. Therefore you have to think about how to make your blog website on the first page of search engines.

As we know, blogs are one of the main goals when someone needs information or ideas that can help them. So, what is the relationship between blogs and programmers? As a programmer, you have to write code for users, just as writers write and share stories or experiences to inspire their blog visitors. Apart from adding additional income, there are several other benefits that programmers will get through this blog. Then, what are the reasons that can make you excited about blogging? Here is Why Programmers Should Write Blog

  1. The survey has proven

In 2019, a study stated that there are more than 1 billion websites and blogs in the world, and up to 409 million people view 23.6 billion pages on WordPress per month. So what are you waiting for? Let’s show the advantages you have, one of which is by writing a blog.

  • There are many opportunities to learn and upgrade the skills you have

Now one of the most influential benefits in your life is that it will help you learn new things about the world of programming and help you in the process of continuing to develop. Because, when you want to share information, of course you have to master it so that the message you want to convey can be well received.

  • Your blog will be very useful for novice developers

As previously discussed, nowadays many people are looking for information via the internet, and one of them is by reading the available blogs. So here you can share your experiences from the beginning of starting a programmer until now. You can also share the knowledge you know, starting from providing tutorials, tips and tricks, to updated news about the world of technology.

  • Build relationships with developers, so that connections are created even wider

When you share an original post, for example you publish a tutorial for coding in JQuery, and the post is broadcast worldwide and seen by millions of people even some tech giants read it, from here you will expand your connection and build new relationships with other developers.

  • The skills you have will be more honed and make yourself more developed

If you are consistent in blogging, you will note the evolution of skills as you learn to code. You will see how you progress from one stage to another, and of course this will help you in your career development. You can also make the blog into a portfolio when you have to conduct interviews with HRD candidates for your place of work.


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