Tips & Tricks Coding Interview !

Tomorrow Coding Interview? Don't panic!


5 Tips & Tricks Coding Interview ! Currently Programmer is one of the jobs that is in demand by many people. In addition to the vast job opportunities needed by many companies, programmer is also one of the most highly paid jobs. Usually before being accepted to work in a company, candidates will do several stages. Starting from candidate selection, talent competency tests, psych tests, to interviews. Well, in the world of IT, there is Coding Interview which is one of the steps to get the job.


Each company certainly has its own interview regulations. Where the interview is one of the steps that must be done by job seekers. How a recruiter can decide that you are the right person for the job. Interview coding is one of the “scary” things for a programmer. Usually you are asked to solve a coding problem, or you will be given a task related to the job you are applying for, or maybe both. But you don’t need to be afraid, there are 5 tips that can help you pass the coding interview!


  1. Don’t be silent

Make sure when the interview is formed 2-way communication, try not to be silent when asked. A recruiter will see how the candidate solves a problem, make sure you make the interview feel collaborative. Tell me what you think works and what doesn’t work.


2. Don’t be afraid to ask

Do you still remember the adage “Shame to ask questions in the wrong way?” the same as when being interviewed. Make sure you ask what you don’t understand, by asking the recruiter to judge that you are a detailed person, and think of some things that you have never thought of.


3. Answer with the simplest and newly optimized solutions

Start with Brute-force and aim is important. You can solve the question first. Often people get caught up in thinking that the first solution must be optimal which ends up wasting time on the interview and unable to answer the question. So, a simple answer is better than no answer at all.


4. Explain your solution clearly

Usually programmers are familiar with flowcharts. So you can use pictures, flowcharts or other tools when you are explaining a solution so that the recruiter will better understand and get to the destination you are looking for.


5. Test, test and retest

Test using simple input first, and don’t forget to think about the possible edge-cases. Most likely your code won’t pass the edge-case but don’t panic! You can tell your recruit and try to correct your answer.


The 5 tips above that you can learn when you want to Coding Interview, hopefully this is useful. Don’t forget to visit our Instagram at @ and stay up to date with IDstar!




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